My Adventures

Mark’s Magical Journey

Hello All! My name is Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein.

I don’t know if you’ve guessed it but I’m a wizard! I lead a life of magic and felt. I am an expert potions master at Marks Magical Elixirs that I own.  To say I have a busy life in an understatement. I can’t say that I don’t love every moment of it.  I have a two-year-old son named Berry, an ex-wife named Lilly, a lover named Horatio, and an evil ex-mother in law called Nan. I am going through a difficult court case to gain custody of my son. Day in and day out I feel blessed that I have him in my life and will be with him in every way I can, including the day we walk into court to be able to stay together.

However, in all his wisdom Horatio has convinced me to write my first ever blog! I am going to share all the important facts of life. How to be organized, how to be a single father, going to court for the right to be a single father, being a member of the lgbtq+ community is a world where that can be dangerous, how to deal with long distance relationships, and even which potions will get rid of any rough skin. Any problem that I have faced in the last 1900 years of living will be shared with you!  I have advice, stories, and dangerous stunts to share with all!

This is a two-way process folk! I expect comments, suggestions, stories off your own shared with me. Just because I’m 1900 years old does not mean I know everything, just most things. Follow me on Instagram as well @markthewizard69

I can’t wait to hear from everyone!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein


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