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5 Tips for Long Distance Lovers:

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Hello Everyone! I hope you had a magical week. So, this week I was moving my ex-wife and her family into the neighborhood I realized how much I missed my Horatio. I spend so much of my time doing. I run around to get Berry to daycare, to work, to social events, to court, and just trying to keep my head above water that it can take a long time to hit me that I miss my friend who I can say anything to. The one that understands me. So I came up with my ten tips for long distance lovers!

  1. Skype or Call: Seeing them is the only way to keep connected. Texting and flooing are not enough. Don’t be afraid to call or skype you SO when you are missing them, they miss you too.
  2. Text Limit: We tend to want to text each other all the time. It’s comforting but not always the best way to go. We can stop living our lives and start living on the phone. Limit yourself to when you have time and call, don’t make the texting more important than the spell work you have to do.
  3. Little surprises: Just because you are not there all the time does not mean you shouldn’t be putting the magic into your love life! Sending handwritten love letters, having surprise skype dates, planning surprise real-life dates, even just sending an extra “I’m thinking about you” to your S.O means the world.


  1. Build That Trust!: When we are not with our S.O all the time we start to think the worst of each other. We think that we are being cheated on or they hate us for reasons that makes no sense. This comes down to trusting each other. You have to build the trust from day one. You have to know that you mean the world to your boo and trust them, just like they trust you.
  2. Get involved in the other person’s Interests: Horatio is not a fan of potions. He thinks they smell and give my clothes the worst stains ever. But he knows about=them and he understands what they do. Why? Because he cares about me and wants to understand my interests. It gives us things to talk about when we are away from each other. Try to do the same. If you long distance boo like to read “Marks Magical Life” give it a shot! It shows that you care about their interests while at the same time giving you amazing conversation topics for you next call in.


I hope those of you who are in love on the long distance that this helps. We know that this can be the worst and the best type of times in your life. Tell me some of your own stories in the comments below!


Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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