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My Family Tree

Hello Everyone!


I have gotten a lot of questions about my family tree, so I decided to explain it better! Families can be confusing and mine is worse than most. To make it easier I have cut it down to the must know families.


So, let’s start off with my side of the family. It is so much easier! I have my mother. Her name is Maya. All my good looks are from her side of the family. I never knew my father and mom never talked about him, even when I asked.


Then I have a son named Berry, he is 3 years old.


I have an ex-wife named Lilly and a now lover named Horatio.



On my wife’s side, it becomes more complicated! Lilly is my ex-wife. She has two sisters named Autumn, Winter, and Summer.


They are all the children of Lilly’s mother, Kathy. She is a devil incarnate and I wish that was an understatement.


Lilly and I got a divorce because she abandoned me and Berry without the word.  I then got together with Horatio the year later when Berry and I moved to Columbia.

However, Berry’s grandmother, Kathy, decided that a Columbian was not a proper person to be watching her grandbaby. Now, this is not the case at all, Horatio is a wonderful person who has emotional depth and ability to connect to Berry. Kathy does not see that. She has filed for custody of Berry in an effort to protect him from the perceived danger, total bull!! We need to band together to keep my family together!

Sending Love and Let me know any questions you have!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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