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Horatio: The man, the myth, the accountant

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I have been getting a lot of questions about how Horatio and I got together and more about Horatio.


To start out with Horatio was born and raised in Columbia. His mother was a missionary and his father was a Columbian farmer. It was love at first sight. His grandparents shunned his mother because of it but their love was real. Horatio was born two years after they were married in Jardín. He was called Horatio due to a family joke. His father proposed to his mother with a quote from Horatio “All’s golden words are spent” His father had spent all his golden words to say about his mother because there was just so much to spend and say.

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Horatio was homeschooled for the first years of his life learning from his parents and traveling with them to spread religion through Columbia. After he turned 16 his parents put him into a regular school to be able to connect with more students. He found that he did not fit in with the other kids as well as he would have liked. He was too used to being with adults. He had problems connecting. In his fourth month at the school, he met a boy named Mateo. Mateo was not popular, but he was funny and clever. They were fast friends. And soon after they became more than friends.

They dated for a while in secret. Neither Horatio’s parents nor Mateo’s would be ok with them being together. The town would not be ok with them either. They lasted for a year before the fear of being caught together forced Mateo to break up with Horatio. They have not seen each other since. Horatio knew that even though Mateo was not the one from him, on women ever would be. In that, he decided that he needed to tell his parents.

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At this time Horatio was 19 and in school to become an accountant. He was dating a man named Samuel. They both went to his parents and told them together. His father was silent and did not look at him in the face. He just stared at the wall. His mother screamed. Yelling that this cannot be, that he must be mistaken, that he just needs to spend more time in the pews. He just held Samuels hand tight as he just took it before leaving. They are still repairing their relationship.

Even though he had come out to his parents they did not cut him off, as the religious leaders of their town they had to save face.

Columbia is not safe for people like Horatio and eventually, the stress of being in danger broke up him and Samuel. There are only so many times that you can feel like you will be killed for holding hands before it adds strain to a relationship. Horatio put all of his heartbreak and effort into his studies. He graduated with a master’s in accounting and began to work at an accounting firm. He was so good he was brought higher and higher up the ladder. He was traveling through Columbia doing work. But he was not happy.

So, he went to a therapist for some guidance. After some time, he went to group therapy. He went and few times and guess who he met? You guessed it! Magical Me! We became friends at that meeting. We would meet up for coffee and just have a fantastic time. It was after four months of meeting up and hanging out that I asked him to date me. He freaked out and left the bar. I did not hear from him for two days before I got a phone call. He said that he wanted to say yes but was terrified to. He was terrified of the people in Columbia and that Berry would get hurt because of it. So of course, I came out to him, not over the phone I have a class, that I was a wizard and I can keep us safe. He said yes! We dated for about a year before I had to rush back to the States to get divorced. We are doing a long distance now and while I miss him every day, I never regret meeting him and I always want to be with him. Berry agrees!

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See you next time!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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