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Merry Christmakauh!

Happy Holidays everyone!

I know I have been bad but I have been busy the last few weeks but for all of thoses people out there that are celebrating Hanukkah this year I am wishing you many jelly doughnuts and family love. For thoses not here are five fun holiday facts!

1.    The object that holds the candles in it is called a Menorah. It holds the eight nights candles and the middle candle which is the helper candles, it lights all the others.

2.    In the olden days, my youth, we used oil to light the Menorah, which is where the orgins of the holiday come from.

3.    Hanukkah celebrates the victory of the Maccabees or Israelites over the Greek-Syrian ruler, Antiochus about 2200 years ago.

4.    Today Hanukkah is such a well known Jewish holiday because it is around the same time as other winter holidays, it is not the most important holiday in the jewish calander.

5.    On Hanukkah Jewish families make and eat Latkes (potato pancakes)

Happy Hanukkah!

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