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Christmas, what’s it good for?

Santa In Jail 

Hey Everyone! To get into the holiday spirit I want to talk about why the holiday sucks, on a spiritual level. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday. Berry gets so excited. The family comes over and we have a feast with music and turkey. Presents are shared and the number of hangover potions Isell increase by 12. But that’s not why we are here folks!

The first thing that Christmas is terrible at is actually celebrating the holiday. Now I’m a wizard who is pretty non-religious but even I know that when a child knows Christmas for only the man who comes down to give them presents that we are building the wrong impression. Christmas is supposed to be the celebration of all for the birth of Jesus. People gather round to pray for him and thank him. Now it doesn’t matter if that is true or not the fact is that’s what’s supposed to be (unless you are pagan and celebrate the equinox). What has been happening in today’s age is that instead is of seeing the warm religious side of the holiday we see the ripe capitalistic side of presents and material goods. What happened to family and love?

My next problem with Christmas is that everyone says the holiday is a time for giving but rarely do we give. We all sit in our towers thinking that in this time of giving we are helping so many people do better, but our bums never leave our chairs to actually help anyone in the community that needs it. I am as guilty as the next puppet for doing this I admit but that doesn’t mean that so what should be done. And people should always be giving back to the community. One should not need a holiday to do so!

My final reason to hate Christmas is the toll it has on people. First, it is the toll on the people who have to buy so many presents that they can’t pay rent the next month. They stress throughout the holiday about the right gift and then after about eating in January. To you, I am sorry and ask to remember that the best gift is being with each other. Next is the people one of the holiday. They sit there sad and self-loathing because they think being alone on Christmas means they are unloved. I understand that too. Remember your self-worth, I am there for you, and if you need to go somewhere to get help. Finally, to the families that lost someone remember them in their best light. I know that the holidays without them are awful, but like my Horatio says, love is love is love! If you love them, they will be there.

Sending Love This Holiday Season,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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