My Adventures

Traveling for The Holiday!

Hello Everyone!

This weekend my family and I will be traveling up north to the great unknown called New York! It is the time of year to spend with our loving family. The problem is that even if it is just me and Berry, we have a small car and a lot of presents to send! So, I figured to make life easier for everyone I would share my Mark approved Magical Packing Tips!

  1. Always pack one extra outfit then you need for the trip. This is for you and your children. I am 100% sure that the clothes you bring will not work one way or another. So do yourself a huge favor, pack more!
  2. Pack your toilet items, your toothbrush, and stuff, last. Put them in a separate bag that is easy to grab on top.  When you get to where you want to all you will want to do is get ready for bed. Make it easier to!
  3. Have a predefined bag for the gifts that your baby will get. Last year I did and I had to expand the car to make it work! It was a nightmare! So, I never have to do that again I am coming with a huge bag, with wheels.
  4. Finally, bring movies. The kids will be entertained, and your car ride will go ten times faster!

Hope this gets everyone into the holiday season! Expect to be amazed at my adorable family on the holiday.

With Love,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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