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China’s In My Future!

Chinese Flag

So, an update in my life that I want to share. I am going for 4 months and 12 days to China starting on January 7th. I know this is a surprise to everyone. I just got my Horatio back. My baby is still mine, Lilly and I are doing well in our friendship, and I am still in court. This seems like the worst time possible, but here I am!

Why am I going? Good question. I have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to go out to China and look for many rare and powerful potion ingredients. I, along with a fellow potions master, Master Ludvin, will be in the wilds of China as well as the cities. I will be teaching some classes when I am there too. Professor Mark has a nice ring to it right? Where will Berry be staying? Another great question! I am not bringing Berry with me. He would miss the USA a lot and more importantly, I am not sure that it is 100% safe for him to come with me. So, he will be staying in the States with his grandmother and with his great Uncle and of course my love Horatio.

Some details about my trip! I will be staying in Shanghai for my time there. I will be leaving soon so any questions feel free to ask me! Also, follow my blog and my social media @markthewizard69 and on my facebook Marks Magical Life!

With Love,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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