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Welcome to Shanghai!

Welcome to Shanghai!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a long time and since I have let you know what is going on but man do I have so much to tell you about China! Before that let me give you a quick at home update.

I call Berry and Horatio every day. I miss them more than anything but from what I’ve been hearing life is going smoothly. My court battle keeps moving forward and even though Nan doesn’t seem to be giving up I don’t plan to let my baby boy go. Horatio misses me and I miss him every day, but luckily for us, we can still talk thanks to the blessed VPN!

So, I touched down in Shanghai after 21 hours in the air a month ago to take in the beauty of Shanghai. There was a mix of English and the Chinese language was there so at least in the airport it wasn’t hard to get around. The airport had no WIFI for me to use, I didn’t have a chinses phone number and all the water to drink is hot to keep it safe. No matter! I made it out, without losing my suitcase, and walked into the world of China.

First thing I noticed was the air. It was easy to breathe, but it was different then I was used to. I do not know how to explain it besides humidity with a little extra spice to it. What I noticed next was that the country was bitterly cold. The temperature was 45 but the humidity made it so cold and rainy. I know it doesn’t sound like an amazing entrance, but I won’t lie. Being on the solid ground made my day after so long in the air.

Our friend, You Sha (Yo Shaa) picked us up in a larger van to drive us to our lodging at Chinas school of witchcraft. Apparently, it is more scenic to take a bus over a quick pop over. It was raining but the view was still great. The buildings were tall and had lights making fun patterns and shapes. I asked You Sha about them and apparently, the eye-catching building were apartment buildings. The electric bill must be insane at this place!

We arrive at the dorm about an hour after we left the airport and were told to place our bags down and get ready to go to for a quick tour. I walked into my room and it was a place out of an Ikea magazine. There is a desk connected to the wall and dresser. The dresser had a mirror on the door and hangers in the closet to put clothes. I also have a balcony which is used to dry clothes and the door was left wide open by housekeeping to air the room out. There was a tiny heater in the corner that was not doing much to make my room warm. In fact, the room was freezing cold to walk into. It was perfect!

I closed the door, dropped my things on my bed and took a seat. The bed was harder than a rock with only one pillow and a cold blanket. I didn’t care. I had found my home for the next four months.

I made it out of my room for the tour and the first place they took me was a place called RT Mart. This is a store that is a mix of Aldi’s, Target, and Walmart. It had everything for cheap! I got 12 sodas for 17 Yuan! (1 USD = 6.89 USD). I stocked up on snacks and drinks for the upcoming week. We then left the store about I spent way too much money on food and went to get some dinner which was fried rice and meat. The Chinses food was insanely good. I am going to be ruined for life on any other Chinese food. The flavor and spice were just mind-numbingly tasty. We met up with our other coworkers who had been in China for a few months for teaching. We got a great introduction. I was excited to start the next day as I lay down for my jetlagged self. As I shut my eyes, I said to myself welcome to Shanghai Mark!

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