Pittsburgh Pride: Tips to Pride Parades

The Mayor of Pittsburgh And I

Good Evening Everyone! Happy Pride!

I wanted to give everyone an update and do some pride tips! SO first off I am back from China and am very happy to be home with my beautiful baby boy Berry and my fiancee! That’s right everyone! Horatio and I are getting married! We are very excited and the story of the proposal is coming up in the upcoming posts. Now that I am back in the States it is much easier to access my blog. I also need to update you guys soon on the custody situation of Berry. It is good news I promise!

On that note lets get into some tips for celebrating pride!

Tip One: Bring a battery pack.

You will be taking selfies, pictures, signing up for merch, and so much more. Your poor phone can not handle the stress. To help it out bring a charger so it will survive the whole of pride.

So Many Things To Take Photos Of!

Tip Two: Bring Water!
They are not kidding when they say hydrate! It will be hot, you will be screaming, and there will never be convenient water. Make life easier and bring a bottle! The bottle can even be a rainbow.

Tip Three: Make some friends

Everyone going to pride is going to be nice. Some will be shy, some will be out and proud, others will just hover from group to group. Do not be afraid to reach out of your comfort zone and make a few lifetime pals.

Tip Four: Be Safe and Smart

This does not mean pepper spray! This means you better sunblock up during the day so you are not crispy for the next week after pride. This also means if you hook up with someone use one of the many condoms being handed out at booth. This means have a sober person if you intend to drink.

Tip Five: Bring Cash

The flags and shirts that let you show your pride are not free guys. I am sad to say you have to buy them for it to work. This is all good, the money is going to a great cause, but remember most places will not take cards!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

With love and will see you next week, same time?

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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I am a single father, lover, divorcee, who is trying to win a custody battle. I have a lot of life experience, a lot of wrong choices, and a whole lot of felt

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