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Summer Fun: Pittsburgh Edition

Hello Everyone! This week is all about playing catch up for the posts I have written but just did not have time to share with everyone. I am talking about everything I missed telling you about this summer so far! Get ready for Berry, Horatio, exciting things in Pittsburgh, and happy secret news all for you guys. Get ready!

But before all of that let’s do some fun first! All the fun free ideas to do over the summer in Pittsburgh!

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  1. Yoga in the Park
    I am talking about real yoga. This is a time to let all the dangers of life away. Leave the stress and worries of work and go to the park. Take some you time and stretch your body. If you parent out there are worried about your kids don’t worry, I was too! But Berry was more than welcome. He and the other kids did some yoga or went to the clear areas next to the yoga area to play! So, everyone is welcomed.
    Place: Schenley Plaza
    Time: 10 am Saturdays
  2. Movie Nights in the Park
    Lost on what to do on a Friday with the kids, the sugarbirds, or even yourself? You are all in luck! At all the parks there are different movies! Schenley, Frick, and Riverview are just a few places to see a movie. They play captain Marvel, the bee movie (Ya like Jazz?), and many other kid-friendly movies. Great place to cuddle with your kid and smooch your love.
    Place: Varies
    Time: Sunset on Fridays
  3. Market Square Evenings
    Cake, music, games, and shops! Sound fun to you? It should because it is free to go and enjoy in Market Square. There are games for the little ones. There is live music to enjoy by everyone. There are shops from artisans who hand-make their products to be sold there. It’s a good chance you won’t find anything else like this anywhere. Finally, there is CAKE! The most magic creation is huge and wonderful and free for all.
    Place: Market Square Pittsburgh
    Time: Evenings, Saturday
  4. Events
    So, throughout the summer there are free events sprinkled in. There was recently the Deutschtown music festival. At this free event, there were over 300 bands to view all around Pittsburgh. There were food trucks and beer. Just so many good options. There was pride, which is free to all. There is Picklesburgh July 26th – 28th coming up next! Don’t miss this awesome free event. More information on this link!
    Information on Picklesburgh:
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I hope this was helpful for everyone in the second half of the summer! Get out there, have fun with your babies, canoodle with your boo, and just have an amazing summer.
Until Next Time!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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