My Adventures

Court and Family

Hey Everyone! I wanted to let you know how my personal life is going. I know you are all super excited to hear everything!

First I need to say that I have won full custody of my son Berry! This was due to a great team of family, friend, and lawyers! They all helped me so much. I honestly can’t say thank you enough. The support from Horatio has been my life line this last year from court date to court date. Berry being the sweet loving child that he is. I am honestly so lucky for them all.

That being said, Granny still has visitation so I won’t be getting rid of her to easily. I know that she is in the long run good for Berry. At least I have to keep telling myself that.

On other notes Horatio and I have moved in together with Berry. We have a lovely Pittsburgh apartment with two bedrooms and a great place for Berry to play in East Liberty. Horatio has gotten a job at Puppet Accountants United, which is a very high profile accounting firm. I am so PROUD!

I, on the other hand, quit my job and am looking for a new project to get into. I quit when I got back from my China sabbatical. I decided that I not only needed more time with Berry but that I need to re-discover what I am passionate about in my magic studies. After a summer of settling Berry I can’t say that I am free but in the upcoming year he is off to preschool. I will have long days by myself to figure this out and be there for my family.

Mark (left) and Berry (Right)

That’s the update! Stay tuned for big news and follow me on my story of self discovery!


Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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