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We all do to much. Did you guys know that? I was talking to a friend of mine, you might know him. His name rhymes with Smermit. He was telling me about his life. He wakes up at 7 to go to his work. He walks a mile then arrives to work all day. Then he get out of work and has to go to evening events and see friends. It’s a lot of work everyday to keep up with the world we created isn’t it!

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He isn’t the only one that does this either. My neighbor, Suzzy, does the same thing. She wakes up, drops her son off at my house for the day, then drives to work. She toils all day to come home to a loving but needy baby. She has things to do even after she’s been hard at work.

The biggest problem is that we can do this when we are at our best. We never give ourselves the time to be our best. It’s just a fact. So here are my best tips for self love, Mark Style.

1. Eat Cookie Dough, the more of it the better. This can be replaced with Ice Cream as needed.

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2. Get your felt resewn! Nothing feels better than a fresh sew job when your hat is coming off or you hair feels loose. If that not your thing then a facial will work too.

3. Weekly movie night will rock your world, destress your life, and allow you to keep up on every Marvel movie ever made.

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4. Have sex. I know it sounds like more work but your body will thank you later for all the love your putting into it and all the fluff that is coming out 😉

That is all I have today folks! Remember, life is fun when you let it be but we have to take care of ourselves to remember that fun is a word.

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