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You Still Have a Voice

Hello Everyone! I know I am posting a lot in one week but with everything that has been happening the last couple days I couldn’t keep myself silent any longer.

As an American Citizen you have a voice, we all have a voice. In the positions we find ourselves in today, no matter which side of the table you are on, you have the right to speak out against what you find is wrong. The problem we face is many people do not know how to be heard or are afraid because their position is not strong. Well I am here to inform you all that a people should never be afraid of their government. A government should fear the wrath of their people when they are treated wrong. It is your right and your power. Now I am here to help give you the tools to feel like you have a voice again.

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Tip One: Call Your Officials

Calling is the single most scary thing you will ever have to do. It is also the most powerful tool you have. An email can be ignored and a letter can be lost but a phone call is you lips to their ears. The person on the phone has to listen. They are also human, so by calling you connect on a personal level and that is the kind of thing that gets your voice heard.

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Tip Two: Vote

This is said a lot so I know you might be tired of this but it is true. If you do not vote all your options are gone. You had no say in who was elected. But when you vote you hold all the cards and have the power to change towards what you want. So take back the rights that we all at one point fought for, educate yourself as much as you can about the people running, and vote for who you think can change our country for the better.

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Tip Three: Join in Town Meetings

This is the time where your representative comes to listen to your concerns. Do not waste a moment of time to go there and voice you problems. If you and all your closest friends come, speak together as one, you have a strong chance of being heard in the most face to face platform you can. Plus, with your friends by your side you have all the support you need to change things for the bettter.

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Tip Four: Engage Media

A powerful tool that should not be ignored is the power you have when you write to a media outlet (News paper, station, or social media writer) with your concerns, options, and the parts that anger you. Media is a strong way to get your voice heard. When you write to these and get published there is no way that you can be ignored as thousands read and react to what YOU have to say.

I hope this helps people find their voice to fight for what they believe in, no matter what the belief is. Remember, you should never fear your government. They are people who represent you and are made to support you. This is your chance to make sure that they truly do.

With Love,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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