My Adventures

Finding out and Coming Out

Hello Everyone! This week I wanted to talk about coming out. More specially how I knew that I was not a straight man. I am not sad to say that my story is actually simple and it is not tragic. Many are not as lucky as me.

It started when I was in my wizarding youth. I had a friend named Kyle Smithson. He one of my best friends. We talked about everything, from our favorite spells to which professors we hate. He listened to all my fun stories and I listened to his long stories about his boring sports. We were an overall fantastic team.

My First Boy Friend

We had both dated ladies before. Him more than I, but still we both had. So one day out of the blue he came to me and said “We hangout all the time, we are best friends, we like each other, the only thing that is different then dating is we don’t kiss… so why don’t we date?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. He had a point! Why not! After all the other crazy things that happened in our world between potions explosions and magic dating your best friend seemed to be the easiest thing in the world. So we did. We sent each other love Owls and went on dates. It was puppy love. We were cute.

Four months into our relationship we split it off. We realized that we really were better off as friends, we never kissed or did more than a simple hug. He then decided that he was actually straight and this was really more of an experiment for him. I didn’t. Something woke up. Or well really I realized something was there. For the next few years I dated many different types of people until I found my darling Horatio.

When I told my mother and father that I was bisexual it was a quiet Saturday morning. It wasn’t grand or flashy. I knew they wouldn’t mind, I knew my family was supportive. It was still terrifying. At this point in my life if I left the wizarding world I could be burned alive for my love. The poor felt does NOT like to be crispy. When I told them they just smiled and said “That’s lovely dear, please pass the syrup” and life just went on.

I know I am lucky to have such a supportive family. Many are not as lucky. Just know that even if your family is not supportive the family you make will be. Even if your mother and father kick you out someone, somewhere, loves and supports you. I know I support everyone who ever had to come out to the family. If you aren’t as lucky, know it will get better. Know that a Puppet from somewhere strange on the internet is supporting you and knows that you are fantastic!


With that in mind, feel free to post any questions about my coming out, your experiences, or just a HI!

With Love and Support!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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