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First Day of School Struggles

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Hello Everyone! We are getting ready to jump back into the new school. Berry has been getting his new first day of school clothing ready, Horatio has been grumbling of all the traffic as new college students move into our area and their parents worrying about their babies, which is understandable. I have been getting emails from Berry’s’ day care teacher about parent week, where I come in as an assistant teacher for a week, the other parents have been talking to me about play dates and get together, and of course there is you guys on the wide web! So, I thought why not get into the spirit of the upcoming school year by creating a parent must buy list!

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  1. Get Yourself a Planner!

I know we all had them in elementary school and thought they were a bit much but before you say anything here me out. They can not only help you keep your little ones play dates on time, dinner in check, and doctors’ appointments in order. They help parents who are brave to stay at their home all day with the little ones have a sense of order that can be missing. You make your own schedule but at the same time you need order. A good planner can give you that along with a real sense of accomplishment when you get stuff done. They can be bought for $10 at Wizards General store or other stores like that. My personal favorite because of my potions that I make on the side is “Simplified Planner” (NOT SPONSORED JUST A FAN). They are easy to use, have lots of space, and are stylish enough to match my robes.


2. Stock up on essentials for the first month

The first month of your little angels going back will be a nightmare for you! They will bring home huge packets of paperwork, letters from teachers, and homework that you have to be there to do. There won’t be time for the first couple of weeks to go out and get the bulk toilet paper from Costco or the vegetable for dinner. What I have found to save my felt on several occasions is before school starts do a big trip. Go to the supermarkets, hit up Mr. Wands Fresh Foods and get what you need ahead a time so the next few days are a breeze!

3. Take some you time

This time of year is a breath of fresh air, but it can be a stressful time for everyone. Take some you time during this period of once again becoming a free taxi service. This can be watching some Magic Mirror shows or taking a bubble bath. Just don’t forget that in this time of craziness your family will need their ship captain to be out there to support them and steer them in the right direction. You can’t be that captain when you are so crazy from everything you can’t steer yourself!

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4. Have a Before and After-School Game Plan

When you get the babies home what happens next? Snack, Homework, fun time? There are so many options and when they get home, they will expect you to know exactly what to say and do. So, have that figured out beforehand. It can be loose that way as the year moves forward, they and things chance the plan can too but having the initial plan in general will save you bacon. Same with a morning plan. When they get up is it dress first then food or is it bath quick then food? What’s going on? As the parent in charge of that YOU need to be prepared on what is going to happen!

Do you feel ready for the new school year yet? I know I don’t but part of being the parent to a young and wild child is taking each challenge in stride and loving every step. Before you know it they will be off to college!

 Any advice ideas? Comment them below! Gosh knows I could always use the advice when Berry decides that he hates his pears!

With Love,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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