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Hiya Everyone! It is a new day and a new week! As my beautiful son Berry heads to 3 times a week daycare and Horatio deals with more and more students one thought is stuck in my head, how crappy driving is!

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I know that with so much other crazy going on in the world that this seems less important but I still think there is a lot we can improve upon to get better drivers and honestly just make it easier for people everywhere to get a liance.

So here is my three point plan to make getting a driver’s licence easier, safer, and quicker!

Step One: Proper School

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We never let students go so unprepared in any other subject! We should do the same. Starting in the first semester of junior year all students take a class once a week that is purely for permit passing. This includes actual teaching the book not just quizzing. Then at the end of the semester have a teacher trained to protector the permit exam to the students. Once they have all passed the 2nd semester is driving with the teachers who are hired just for that reason, in cars for the students.

These are regularly tested cars that are insured. The students get the driving hours in they need, hands on instruction, and an easy way to get their test. The test will be done by the proctor once again scheduled throughout the spring semester. Everyone will be tested until they pass and helped along the way as they need the support. In one year we ensure we have safe drivers who actually know what they are doing on the road! I know that will make me feel safer.

Step Two: Car Courses

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The next step is all students have to take basic car maintenance courses in high school. I know this seems like overkill but how many parents have gotten the call from their children that they do not know how to pump gas? This mandatory for everyone! Even the most experienced car users will get the some new information.

With these two simple steps we have a safer community and safer drivers while also allowing communities with low income a safe way to get driving!

With Love!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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