Winter's Recipes

Winters Easy Nacho Lunch

Good Morning Everybody! Winter here. I wanted to share my easy lunch with everyone. I know when I go to work helping the trees grow I always look for a way to have a quick meal. One way that I do this plop some amazing nachos in a bento box and fun off to the forest. Comment below if you have an Mexican inspired meals you love!

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~1/2 a chicken breast
~Taco Seasonings
~Taco Chips
~1 cup cheese (My favorite is cheddar)
~Salsa (as much as you want)
~ Two dollops of sour cream

How to:
1. I cook the chicken breast by cutting it to pieces and making it with the seasonings
2. I take the cooked meat and sprinkle it on top of my taco chips in my bento box
3. I add any toppings that I would want on top

And done! Three easy steps that anyone from a busy mom to a college student on a low budget can manage!


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