My Adventures

Graphic Art Activism

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys, girls, non-binary folk alike I have been inspired by a life changing collection of art! My mind was blown and expanded to a new larger horizon the moment I stepped into the Access + Ability exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

I was exposed to so many different type of tools used everyday by people and some that were so new that they seemed to come out of a space age movie. There was a screen that if you stared at letters you would be able to communicate without ever lifting a finger or moving your mouth! Amazing for some one who has a disability where communication is hard.

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There were walkers and wheel chairs that were made with different types of grips and the bottom is made to never be able to fall. Wheel chairs that look and feel comfortable for someone to be put into

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There were amazing types of tools to allow people with disabilities to eat, hear, and write properly.

From this I have been inspired to write, investigate, and interview people who build these amazing machines or live with the help of machines. I am starting this project, starting in October and going for 12 weeks, so help keep me honest! My goal is once a week try to connect with people who build things that help people who need a little help, people who need a little help, and write about it. I will also be attempting to add this to a podcast as well. This way I can attempt to show my work to as many people as I can

I want to help all my viewers to be just as inspired at I am so keep me honest and get excited for my new project. Puppets Learn Disabilities.

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