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News Time!

Hello Everyone, we have news! Before we get into the new news I want to catch everyone up with life. The last couple of weeks I have been connecting to artists to learn more about art out in the world. I am happy to say that I have learned a lot and I plan to keep moving with that! Any ideas of art you would like to see, let me know below! Next I have been wedding planning. It is so much fun and a little stressful but keep watching for what we are leaning from the people we have been working with! Anything specific you want to hear about wedding make sure to tell us! Also Winter has some new food coming up so check out some food soon!

Now for the BIG news! Horatio, the love of my life, is preparing to run a marathon in the spring!!

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It’s crazy right? He is not really a runner at all but one day came home and said “I signed up with a program starting in January, I am going to run a marathon”. Of course I am supportive but I am so confused where this even came from! That being said I am proud of him for trying something new and to support him I will be posting some of the marathon training tips and being supporting my hunk at all points! If you have any let me know so I can share 🙂

Sending Love!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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