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Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is tomorrow and let me tell you Berry is so excited. He has his costume all set up and he and his best friends. I am so excited for him but I am also a little worried. I know it can be silly but he is going with his friends parents to go trick or treating. His first year without me… I just want him to be safe you know? So to make myself feel better and to make anyone who knows what I am going through feel better here is some parent safety tips so you don’t freak out!

  1. Implant a tracker in your childs costume.This might seem excessive but my Berry likes to run away. I also want to know where he is at all times. I’m not obsessive at all….
  2. Have a time they should be home by
  3. Talk to the parents before you let your baby go! They can reassure you that nothing will go wrong, let you know the neighborhood they will be in (for stalking purposes), and just be there in parental solidary.
  4. Hire a Wizard for a safety spell. This is the safest way to send you child out. Anything that tries to harm them will be turned into a tiny harmless toad for 12 hours.

I hope this helped you the same way it helped me! It’s nice to see my options… and you know I’m doing a safety spell 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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