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Hello and Welcome to Wedding Corner! I have so much wedding news which will be coming in a different post but for now I need to tell everyone about an amazing place I visited in Pittsburgh.

Monday, October 28th I went a visited the lovely Karen Toole from & Flowers ( I went in with some friends to learn about her wedding services. I was surprised to learn that this creative women does not just bring the flowers to your wedding but she take it further by getting the couple involved in the process too! Let me backup and explain

We arrived at her venue to be shown around a beautiful showroom and then lead us to the more important room, the work room. There she explained how everything worked. Couples come in and tell her the wedding plan and what they want. Then she takes her expertise and their budget to design the perfect flower arrangement. Then she invited everyone involved in the wedding process to go to her studio and create with her! They build their own. It’s fantastic.

We asked about Horatio and I’s wedding and we were assure that she could make what we want possible. What is nice about this option is to me there is a lot of control over your wedding and even more control over the time you spend together getting prepared for the wedding. The romance and the bonding, gosh it sounds as magic as me!

Now personally due to my lack of thumbs I do not think that this is the best idea for me and my love. That being said she does more than weddings. She does showers, valentine workshops, even company executives can work on this together in her space. There really is no limit.

I wanted to say thank you to Karen for the walk through and I hope to be able to use her for the wedding. That being said I have some pretty big wedding updates coming soon so look out world here it comes! Any wedding advice? Let me know in comments!

With Love,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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