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Running Changed My Life

Hi there everyone. My name is Horatio Rendon. Mark requested that I write a little about my running experience. I do not know if I am the right person for the job of telling others about running because I am so new. However, Mark asked so I will try.

The first Sunday morning I went running I was very excited. I had my favorite pair of exercise pants on and my headphones to take off for my jog. I started at a slower pace knowing I had a mile and a half to get through that morning. Even with my slow pace I was only half way through before I wanted a break. I will admit I was a bit disheartened. I knew that I was going to have problems at the start but this was just a sad attempt. That is when I learned the hardest thing about running alone is there is no one else to push but yourself so you have to try harder

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Skip on some weeks of running and waking up ungodly early to have the time and icing my weaker ankles I did the same run again. I ran 1.5 miles again. The difference was astounding. I did not stop once. I did it in 9 minutes and when I was done I felt like I had not even run I thought it was so easy. I got back to my home and felt amazing. After only a month of running I can now run around 4 miles without stopping. I know it is not as amazing as running a marathon but much like accounting it builds.

So here a few tips for fellow starters.

  1. Get a running buddy, I wish I had one because they push you to be better, to run better, and give you someone to chat with at 6 am
  2. Get some running gear. This is something I am still working on myself but I now realize how much help it is. Having good running pants and something to hold my keys would make my runs so much easier. I think it will be worth the money
  3. Set goals early on. I have had many mornings where I wanted to sleep in. I was up late working or I was with my family and waking up at 6 am seemed like a nightmare. But I have a goal, a easily attainable and seeable goal. It helps me to push forward on the hard mornings.
  4. Asking for help when you need it. I am stubborn, I think you have to be when you have a loving (insane) finance like Mark. What that also means is I dislike asking for help much. But when my asthma started to act up I needed help. There is no shame in asking. It is better to ask and stay healthy.

I hope this helps everyone. I am still very new so any advice or tips for marathon training is very much appreciated, I want to do my best.



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