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Pittsburgh Winter Fun

Hello Everyone! I have run into the problem that most parents in the colder months run into. What are fun things to do with the little ones in the cold but is still fun? For all parents who are in this funk worry not. I have researched and found things to do during and after the holiday season.

Ice Skating In Market Square:

For only 12 dollars a person the whole family can spend an afternoon ice skating around the Christmas tree or after the holiday season just for fun. There are rental skates, food nearby, and a place to hide in when it becomes too cool for the little ones. This will also work for the older ones, they can get the challenge and still have fun.

Holiday Market:

In Market Square in Downtown Pittsburgh before December 25th there is a market. They have food, booths full of gifts and homemade crafts, and holiday delight. Children have the time of their lives playing games in the square and seeing all the lovely products while the parents enjoy the coffee and warm snacks.


There are many great resorts around Pittsburgh to go Skiing. Enjoy the day rushing down the hill. There are classes for the little ones and if they are too little for that tubing is an option that will keep the small ones happy for hours.

Visit a Museum

Carnegie Science Museum, Heinz History Center, The Andy Warhol, and so many more are in Pittsburgh. Take a Saturday to bring the little ones to the museum to see Dinosaurs or Mr. Rogers. They will love it and they won’t get cold in the heat.

That is what we have for some fun things to do this winter. Do not let the cold keep you locked indoors! Embrace it and have a fantastic season!

With Love,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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