Wedding On the Way

Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to give you a quick wedding update! I have been meeting with so many people and connecting with those who understand how crazy planning a wedding can be. I think we have some things figured out.

We have decided to have the wedding at my mother home. It was the place I was born and it hold a dear place in my heart. We will have the wedding ceremony on the deck while all of our loved ones are in the yard. Think of it like Romeo and Juliet. The people on the deck will be our wedding party and the minster.

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Our minster will be a family friend, Eric Bliss. He has mostly done 25 year anniversary renewals. This will be his first gay puppet wedding. We are lucky to have him.

For our outfit Horatio will be wearing an adorable suit. He looks so cute dressed up. I will be wearing my robe with a new belt and some lights added to it. It will be stunning! Berry will most likely be wearing what he normally does. He doesn’t like dressing up much the poor love!

That is all I have today for updates! I will let you know when we have more but comment some tips, we always need advice.

With Love,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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