Winter's Recipes

A Friendsgiving to Remember

The best holiday in the world is here! Thats right folks, Friendsgiving (and Thanksgiving) is right around the corner and as a foodie I have some great recipes to try to make the times with friends even better!

First off you can’t have a meal without the best food in the world, Potato filling! For the sad souls who haven’t heard of this it it mash potatoes, but better! Without them it isn’t really the season!

Then some other staples include the stuffing and the vegetable. I personally love green beans but my nephew Berry will not eat them so I do a mix every year of green beans and carrots that way everyone eats something and of course the chef hat comes on.

Finally the dessert option! The best part of the holiday is taking a big bite of the pumpkin pie. I however am terrible at making pies and each year make pumpkin muffins with cream cheese icing. They take amazing and make you forget about your cooking woes.

Any recipes you wanna see coming up? Let me know as we get into the new year!



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