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Brain in Distress

This past I read a book called “Manage- your-day-to-day: Build your routine, find your focus, and Sharpen your creative mind”. Don’t get me wrong, I know it sounds boring but here me out before you go to a different site. As much as I hate to admit a part of it that really hit me was the connection, or lack of connection. They invited me to see the internet and media as it really is, a tool. A tool that I have no self control over and constantly fall into the trap of.

So I guess the question is why I am writing about this, what wisdom do I want to impart. That is a great question! I want to impart the real danger of screen time and how it affects our creative juices. That is not saying no screen time, just less.

So what I have learned is that the best ideas come from a mixture of two things. Letting your brain relax long enough to actually have an idea and changing. Let me explain both.

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To start with changing, this does not mean clothes. Human (and puppet) brains are really really good at patterns, it’s why we like routine and why we have a favorite seat in the classroom. Creativity however does not like patterns, patterns makes of creative juices old. Like french fry oil that has been used for too long and coats everything with a gross layer. To stop our brains from getting to comfortable in the fryer oil we need to change it up. Do something weird and wonky. Don’t sit still and wait for something. Try something new, change the oil.

The second part is giving the brain a rest. This is where our screen time comes in. If we are in a constant state of excitement, like when watching a youtube video or scrolling through Facebook not only are we not resting but we are putting our body into a state of flight or fight, when all we are doing is reading a post or checking likes. Not healthy my friends, my stuffing can’t take the stress just writing about it!

So what I want to do and what I hope to inspire you to do is to take 20 minutes everyday to not be anywhere near a phone or a computer or a tablet or a smart watch (or e-reader!). Put it all away and let you brain take a break. Then go and do something you normally don’t do. Go to a coffee shop and actually talk to the barista. Read a book. Play a board game with friends. Heck even just taking a shower without music. Something you wouldn’t normally do. I am not saying that you will be more creative but I do think if you can do this for a bit your brain will thank you.

If you do the challenge let me know how it goes or if you wanna tell me I’m a paranoid old puppet that is also fair, let me know why below šŸ™‚

With lots of love and a happy Holiday feel,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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