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I’m Doing Dressember!

Challenge accepted everyone! This year I am going to do something I have never done before and haven’t even heard of before last year. I am ( along with a friend) going to do the Dressember challenge. I will be wearing a bow tie and my friend will be wearing a dress everyday of December to raise awareness and money for people all over the world who are being sex trafficked and hurt. Before I get into the details let me tell you the background.

Dressember is a group that challenged individuals to wear a dress for a month. Why a dress? That is a great question! The idea is that it is a start point for people to get involved in the movement, to start a conversation. The second idea is that anything that can be done in jeans and a t-shirt can be done in a dress a bow tie. The money is used to rescue people, get them the care they need, help them with the legal fees and getting a good lawyer, and overall assist with the much needed aftercare.

How can we do that? That is super simple! You can donate to our page, the link is below. Go in and donate a little bit of money. Any little bit helps! We have a decently high goal of $1000. We know its a lot but we figure its $500 each so it is fair! Please donate, please help, and get ready for a month of exciting pictures! We have incentive too! If we get to $500 in the first 10 days we will dress as Santa and Mrs. Claus. If we reach the goal of $1000 we will wear our Prom outfits for the day! Donate ASAP

Link to our Dressember page! Check it out

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