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Dresscember Week 1

Hello everyone and welcome to Dresscember week one! I am so excited to be starting this and want everyone to remember a few quick updates before we get started with the post. If we get $500 in the first 10 days of the month Maya and I will dress up as Santa and Mrs. Clause for a whole day! If we reach our goal, in the end, we will wear black tie clothing all day on the last day! Keep it in mind and donate asap!

So to start off the month we are interviewing someone who is also in her second year of Dresscember, Joanna White. She is a college student at Chatham University and is so excited to be sharing the dresses this month!

Maya and Mark

M: Hello Jojo, ready for an interview?

J: Sure!

M: Awesome! Why do you do Dresscember?

J: I think that bringing awareness to the men and women who are victims of human trafficking is really important. And so I do it as a means to help because I don’t have a lot of money and it’s a way to help.

M: I love the way you are doing so much for an in danger community, along with raising awareness what is your favorite and least parts of the month-long event?

J: My favorite part is wearing a dress and having an awesome reason behind it rather than just saying “I had to for work” or “I wanted to look cute today” I can say “Yeah I wanna cute, but I’m also doing it to bring awareness to human trafficking!” so I enjoy being able to help educate. I don’t like wearing dresses all the time since pants can be great too.

M: Wonderful! Finally for all the newcomers to this yearly event what are some tips you might have?

J: my tip is to use layers. You’ll be cold if you don’t have warm tights or leggings on. Also, I would recommend throwing on layers like a skirt on top of a dress to change up the look if you don’t have a lot of dresses.

M: Awesome tips, my dresses will look stunning!

There you have it, folks! A good cause, some beautiful outfits, and some kind-hearted people who change up their lives for a month to make a difference! Support if you can with money, sharing posts, or word of mouth. Every bit helps.

With love!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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