My Adventures, Winter's Recipes

Holiday Snacks!

Its my favorite time of year everyone! It’s the time of year where yummy snacks are everywhere and we need to make some to impress all of our friends and family. It can be harder to find the perfect holiday cookie. Do not fear however, I have some time tested and mom tested cookies that will make you this years favorite.

Treat One: M&M Cookies

This is one of my favorites. It is so simple and so tasty. I love the rich chocolate cookie dipped in milk when watching a movie near a fire. This cookie is almost impossible to mess up and even if they are messed up a little they still look fantastic!

Treat Two: Whoopie Pie

This is a PA treat. Two soft cookies squished together with homemade cream. There is no downside to this food, it is filling, rich, and yummy. The one danger of the cookie is getting the cookie shape not to big and not too small.

Treat Three: Oatmeal Cinnamon Chip

I know oatmeal is not a fav of many people but before you say goodbye hear me out. This is your normal hearty oatmeal BUT with amazing cinnamon chips in it. This is almost a snickerdoodle on steroids. Your mouth will water and everyone at home will love you!

Treat Four: Seven Layer Bars

Not your normal cookie, this bar is full of sugar and creams. The best part about this is a little goes such a long way because it is so sweet.

I hope this helps! Any of your favorites? Comment below!


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