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Volunteer for the Holidays

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Hello everyone! I hope you are kicking butt this fine Wednesday. So the holidays are a time of year of giving back to the community that you live in. I know that I have been pushing Dressember a bit but there are other options to go out and give back! There are even kid friendly ones! To prove it to all the non-believers I have created a list to share with you

This option is great for the entire family! You go out and get to play with dogs and cats who just want some TLC, while at the same time making life easier for the employees and if you bring some donations it can make the animals life a little easier.

2. Adopt a family:
Some families find it hard to have holiday season. It might be the most jolly time of year but it is also the hardest time of year. If you have some extra cash this year make someone’s holiday better by adopting them and buying the gifts for their family! Play Santa of the Hanukkah Fairy for a little while.

3. Toys for Tots:
This is another donation scheme but I promise it is worth it! Extra or old toys that your tots do not use anymore that are of decent quality and new toys can be donated! Declutter your home and make someones holiday a little better.

4. Ringing The Bell:
Don’t have a ton of toys to donate? No worries! Stand outside dressed as Santa and ring the salvation army bell! This is an hour of your time, so it is not to bad, but it is so much fun to ring and chat with people as they come into stores. The best part is the kids can do it too!

5. Visit your local hospital:
When the season is turning to happiness and the days get darker and cold the hospital patents there for the holiday can get a little sad. So take a day to brighten their day up! Dress as Santa or a reindeer and make a kid laugh! Spread the joy and have a good time doing it!

Personally I am taking Berry to a hospital to do some caroling this season! I know that it makes people feel happy, it’s important to remember that this can be a season of depression as well as happiness. Thank you guys for all the care and I hope to hear from you soon!

With Love and Good Cheer,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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