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Drescember Week 3 and Family

Hello, my fine friends! It is another fantastic week of looking stylish every day and hopefully helping people! We have broken into the triple digits! The best part is that soon our number will be able to help with legal fees. Bless the helpful and generous people who are donating and keep up the good work. If you wanna help donate here!

Now I wanted to give everyone a family update! I know that it has been a while and I feel like I want to help everyone keep up to date!

So to start let’s talk about Berry! My little tike is doing well! He has a new friend a daycare named Kelly, She seems like a sweetie. They have been going everywhere together and she has come over to our place twice now. The only problem that Berry is having is the curse word problem. He still doesn’t get that it’s not okay to say the no no words! Any tips folks?

Horatio, my darling, is having a great time! His firm is loving him and thankfully he enjoys Americans accounting! He has a friend named Tom that seems to be really helping him adjust. He also has some running news but I’ll let him tell you about that later.

As for the rest of my family, they are doing alright. The forest that they lived in has been destroyed by a construction company. Lily has lost her purpose and is trying to find something that makes her just as happy as she was in the forest. It’s been hard but she has been seeing someone and I am hoping she will be able to make good strides. Autumn is in a similar place but recently has been working on finding a new place for her, Lilly, Winter, and her mom to stay and go from there! It can be hard. Winter has actually been doing really well! She is starting a new some new recipes and meals that are sure to make your weeks! She is going to start posting them with the new year.

So that’s my family, that’s my life! We are so happy to share and if you any advice for Lilly’s family it would be a big help!

With love!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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