My Adventures

Horatio’s Marathon Journey!

Hi all, its Horatio. I hope you have been having a good new year so far. Mark has convinced me that I should get involved more on here and I thought I would do so with my running. As of this month (January 2020), I will be writing about my training. I thought that if I share with others what I am feeling I will be more motivated to keep going through the harder times.

My posts will be structured in many different ways. I am hoping to mostly focus on updates on my progress and let you look at different parts of my schedule.

The biggest news I think is that I have made an Instagram that will follow my training and my progress. I will be posting every day. Letting you know my training, my gear, and my diet. As someone who has been looking up new habits something like this would have made my life easier, so I hope to pass this on to you as well.

My New Instagram: Horatio_May_Marathon

Thank you and I hope I can count on everyone’s support moving forward,

Horatio Rendon

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