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New Years Resolution: Chinese Language

Hello Everyone! I hope your holiday has been lovely and you are opening up to the New Year with happy thoughts. One of my favorite parts of the new year is new year resolutions. Some are silly, like I am going to stay up late this year (my son) but as part of my new year’s resolutions I have decided to properly put sometime into my study of Chinese, Mandarin. This includes the language and the cultural side. I am going full blast folks! I want you all to have this experience with me so I am starting a new section in my blog, Chinese Language learning!

Here is how it will work. On Wednesdays I will post the lesson I am currently learning. This includes the grammar and the vocabulary. Each lesson I post I will post some practice materials if you want to get learning too and some outside resources to help you more with the individual lessons. This week I will post a beginner resource guide as well, I am starting on level four so it might be some help to look at the beginner guide I will be posting!

On Saturdays I will be doing a second lesson, a cultural one. Here we will take a deep dive into the modern Chinese culture and Chinese history. This will be more of a fun time, showing off some of what I learned from my time in China! This will have a ton of pictures and resources.

In all the lessons that I post if I majorly get something wrong or there is a part you want to talk about feel free to message me! That is half the fun and also how I learn.

So let’s go kick butt for the new year! What is your New years goals? Happy January!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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