Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Culture Lesson One!

Good Saturday Folks! Today is the start of the coolest thing ever! Some Chinese Culture that I observed on my journey through China. For the first lesson I want to give everyone some background to my time in China!

I went to China last spring for 5 months to potioning and learning in the area of Shanghai (上海). I was working on my language, doing some sightseeing, and teaching an advanced potions class.

Photo by Soumen Maity on

While I was there I lived in a small apartment with an european potions professor. We visited Harbin (哈尔滨), Beijing (北京), Wuxi (
无锡) and so many other places, including Thailand! So with that I mind I am not an expert in any way and most of what I will be sharing will be things I have observed and talked to other people about. If you guys have anything in particular you want to hear about ask! I will do all I can to make what I write about what you want to hear about.

That is all we have for Week One! I swear next week will be more actual China facts!

Until Next Time!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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