My Adventures

The Struggle: Part One

Good Morning Everyone. It has been week one of running officially as part of marathon training and I have to be honest I have not been the best runner. Due to being on vacation my workout schedule has been a little unfortunate. I did not do any of my crossfit but I did get my running in so I am not failing to badly.

This week my schedule is:

M: Balance and core work with a recovery massage

T: 2 Mile Run

W: Cross training ( Swimming, biking, or rowing) with a massage

T: 2 Miles Run ( I think I might be doing 3 miles)

F: Rest Day (Yay!)

S: 3 Miles Run

Sun: 8 Mile Run

So what I am seeing from this is one, I am going to have to become a member of a massage group and two, I am going to be tired at the beginning. I am not yet into the daily rhythm.

I am a little nervous about properly starting next week but I am also excited at the same time. If anyone has any advice for the start of my marathon training please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.


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