Who’s Ready For 中文?

你好! Today is my first Chinese lesson! Instead of actually teaching something brand new I want to give all readers who are even the smallest bit interested a chance to see the the plan!

So for the lessons we will be starting off learning about Dating. Asking someone to the movies and making conversation with you boo. Then we will move on to rent an apartment. Things like where you are now and where you want to move to, even rent negotiations! Then sports (ew) and traveling. Finally, we end with actions at the airport!

How excited are you? I know I am currently so pumped I can barely sleep!

Some links for people interested in more are just other learning resources that I use that make my life ten times easier! If you are following along with me they will help you too.

Pleco: A dictionary app! (www.pleco.com)
China Pod: A Youtube series that presents different lessons https://www.youtube.com/user/ChinesePodTV
BBC Chinese: http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/chinese/

Can’t wait until until next time!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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I am a single father, lover, divorcee, who is trying to win a custody battle. I have a lot of life experience, a lot of wrong choices, and a whole lot of felt

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