Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Culture Lesson Two!

Hello Everyone! Who is ready to get their pop on? That’s right folks, we are getting involved in modern chinese music, focusing on what is popular with people today.

As China moved toward modern day the music that everyone listened to also moved to a new era. In mainland China the development of music took a lot long. This was because the leaders at this time considered “pop” music as pornograpy. However, when Deng Xiaoping introduced economic reforms he allowed the music to come back! It has thrived in the mainland ever since! As a treat for everyone I am attaching some of my favorite songs, one of the main singers in these video is a wizard I knew from high school! Guess which one!

Disclaimer! I do not own any of this music or any of the videos!

A Funny One

A classic CPop One

A Female Cpop One

The last two are just fun to watch!


Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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