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Trusting America’s Youth

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I might be preaching to a choir but why are we so restrictive of our youth? Before anyone answers that let me go back to Mexico over Christmas. It is warm and happy and a young man, 19 years old, came over to chat with my family and I. This kid happily had a drink in his hand and was downing the jack and coke like it was water and he was in the dessert. He was alone when doing this. When we left he had finished the one he was on and happily waiting for an other as he got louder when he talked.

Some of you might be thinking “he’s too young to drink!” but then I ask you to look at the youth of Mexico, Russia, China, Italy, France, England, and most other countries globally. If the youth had been from there, I am pretty confident that he would have acted different, 100% sure. Do you know why?

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This is the current problem I am looking at with America’s system on things like alcohol. We create a society for the youth of America that says drinking is so taboo and show nothing but dangers that when a teenager finally has the chance to drink they are desperate for the forbidden fruit. Then they do not know their limits, when they are going to far, and how to be in control of themselves. Why would the American youth know anything of that? Everyday that we add more restrictions and less education it is guaranteed that some child will be going for that drink.

In Mexico, the first drink you have is with your family. They help you find your limits in a safe space. In Italy, wines are started young. By making the drink commonplace there is no need to go crazy once they turn a certain age. In Germany it is similar, they drink beer and wine young so that once there are of age there is not nearly has out of control of a wild phase, they know their limits.

What is you thoughts?

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein.

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