Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Lesson Two:1: 一。。。也。。。不/没。。。

Hello Everyone! I hope you week has been spent getting ready to kick rear in Chinese cause we are officially starting!


This is a sentence structure that is used to mean not at all or not even one. In English this would be something like:
“Nana doesn’t have any friends.”
In 中文 this would look like this
“Nana 一个朋友也没有” (Nana yī ge pengyou ye mei you)

The whole point of this type of sentence is to have none or to like none. There are a few different variants of this too. There can be:

Subject+ 一+ measure word + 也/都 + 不/没 + Verb
This version is the same idea as before BUT is used to say things like:
“I don’t like any of these shirts”
”这些衬衫我一件也不喜欢“ (zhe xie chenshan wo yi jian ye but xihuan)

If listening is more your thing check this video out!

Practice Sentences!

  1. He does not have a single friend.
  2. I didn’t have a single cup of water today.
  3. I don’t like any of these clothes.

Until Next Time!


Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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