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Journey to the Marathon

Hello Everyone. It has been a little while so I wanted to give everyone an update on how my marathon training has been going. I also wanted to remind people that my instagram for it is @horatio_may_marathon

So I am on the build phase of running which means my mileage is going up. This is both exciting because I am conquering new height that I never saw myself reaching and scary because I am also running into the problem of leg pain. This is due to my poor shoes which I will be fixing soon. Sunday before I made it to 12 miles. I walked a little on the final uphill but besides that I am proud to say I finished strong even if now my knees are sore.

Image with my running partner, Maya

So some advice about running that I have learned between week one and five that newer people should be in the know about.

  1. Over ten miles make sure you have water, it will save your life.
  2. If you are running long distances make sure you get some kind of snack that will give you energy to keep moving.
  3. It is worth splurging on shoes if you are serious, your feet, calfs, knees, and hips will thank you.
  4. Running long distances can be hard so, find a running group that can support you across the finsih line.

Thank you everyone for the support and I hope to see your comments below.

Horatio Rendon

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