Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Language Lesson Five

Hello All! Ready to Learn?

Today we will be learning a little bit about using the word 了。 For those who have heard of it, it’s a very versatile word with a lot of little meanings that pop up.

Today we will learn about it as a way of saying I am still doing these things. An example of this in english would be “He has been sick for three days”. The idea here is that the guy has been sick and is STILL sick. Now if I say “He was sick for three days”, that implies that he was sick but now is much better. To make this work in Chinese one must use 了 (le).

他病了三天了:He has been sick for three days
一年半了:For a year and a half now (Still doing it)

However 了 is tricky because it can have many uses. It can be used as a quantity expression. In english it would be like, “I have already read this book 10 times!”.

衣服我已经买了三件了: I have already bought three pieces of clothing.

Now that you know get to practicing! Make up your own sentences and put them into the comments below! I will check them for you!

Good Luck!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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