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Fad Diets Not To Try!

Hello Lovelies! Winter here. Food is my passion as many may know! That being said I have seen the worst tragedies when it comes to food, FAD DIETS!

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These are things that promise the best body with the smallest amount of work. They lie about the results and some of them can even be deadly but they have huge leaps of popularity.

One: The cotton ball diet:
This diet is simple but can do serious damage to your health. The idea is to fill you stomach by dipping cotton balls in lemon juice or a smoothie. The problem becomes when well… passing the cotton balls. It can lead to major blocks that seriously hurt the body.

Two: The tapeworm diet:
This folks is exactly what it sounds like. In an effort to lose weight people are willing to get a parasite to lose weight. I think it goes without saying that this is not a good way go about getting to a healthy weight.

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Three: The Sleeping Beauty Diet:
If you are sleeping you aren’t eating! This is healthier! Wrong, this fad diet is suggesting taking this sleeping do to a whole new level by taking sedatives so you spend more time asleep and essentially starving to lose it. This is unhealthy for many reasons, your not eating, your sleeping too much, and you are taking dangerous drugs.

Four: The cabbage/grapefruit diet :
So on the bright side this diet will not be as dangerous as the ones before. The problem is when you limit your diet to two foods, cabbage and grapefruit, you miss major nutrients that are needed to feel good.

So lessons to take away from this. Fad diets will not help you lose weight. You can and will do serious harm to your body if you try this. And nothing but hard work and loving yourself will make you feel good about your body.

Feel Healthy Everyone!

Winter (The Fairy)

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