Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Culture Lesson Five

Hello Peoples! I hope you have been having a fun day and enjoying your week. It’s time to get cultural!

Today we will be talking about a famous Chinese person, her name was Empress Wu Zetian. She ruled in the Tang dynasty. You heard that right folks, she was the head honcho. She was one badass women!

She started her climb to power as a young concubine to Emperor Taizong. She was clever and well educated. Even though she was pledged to the emperor she at the same time started an affair with his son, smart lady!

When Emperor Taizong died she saved her head and went to live out the rest of her days in a temple, BUT that affair with the son came into play. The son, Li Zhi had fallen in love with her and brought her BACK to court. His wife and 1st concubine were not pleased with his crush. She then ruled without a title as she has Li Zhi do everything she wanted. When he died she declared herself Empress and changed the name of the Dynasty to the Zhou Dynasty. She then worked tirelessly to extend China’s boundaries far into central Asia. She is seen by many as one of China’s greatest leader, even though she was very controversial.

Any people are you looking to hear more about?

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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