My Adventures

Cozy Sundays

Sundays are the days at my house where everything is really really quite. Quite in a good way. Horatio leaves early for his long runs with my mom and doesn’t get back until around noon. Berry sleeps until 7:30 before coming in a demanding breakfast, which I whip up before delivering him to his Sunday morning music lesson. Then I sit in the house all morning by myself. I do laundry. I drink tea. I answer some emails for work. All in all going well.

The best part of the day though is the evening. My boys are home and we sit on the floor cuddling, watching TV, and just being happy with each other. I know this is sappy but I don’t think I say enough how happy I am in my life with my love and my son on a Sunday night just existing.

Sharing is caring so if you have moments like this let me know.

Happy Monday,
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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