Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Lesson Six

Hey Guys! I think today is going to be a fun vocab day. I have been throwing a lot of information without having some vocab to back you up.

to quarrel; noisy :吵
even :连
to cook/prepare a meal :做饭
newspaper :报纸
advertisement :广告
vicinity/neighborhood/nearby area :附近
measure word for suite or set :套
apartment :公寓
to rent out :出租
to walk :走路
minute :分钟
bedroom :卧室
kitchen :厨房
bathroom :卫生间
living room :客厅
furniture :家具
possible :可能
one bedroom and one living room :一房一厅
clean :干净
sofa :沙发
dining table :饭桌
chair :椅子
desk :书桌
bookcase; bookshelf :书架
there :那里
quiet :安静
rent :房租
yuan :元
US currency :美元
renminbi :人民币
almost/nearly/similar :差不多
fee/expenses :费
security deposit :押金
to serve as/to be :当
to return (something) :还
furthermore; in addition :另外
to allow/be allowed :准
to raise :养
pet :宠物
interest :兴趣

Take some time to read through!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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