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Period Poverty

I have been doing a ton of research lately into the struggles of women. What they have to go through daily and different things that happen that could be easily solved. Today I am chatting about something that is a huge problem but something that honestly be controlled. Period Poverty

Period Poverty is women’s inability to get hygiene tools. This is stuff like pads, tampons, washing materials, and waste management. This lack of access is super damaging to people in need. Sometimes lack of supplies keeps women from being able to get a job. It keeps girls from going to school, some do not even apply to go! Crazy right!

There is a lot of barriers globally but looking directly at America, the dreaded “Pink Tax”. 35 states tax tampons and sanitary items as non-essentials. Crazy right? How can something that is needed due to a bodily function be taxed. It’s like taxing food or taxing water. It is awful and keeps people from basic need.

For more information and how you can help go to Period a site made to help raise awareness and funds. For some basic things that people can do I made a small getting started list.

  1. Donate Sanitary Products
  2. Lobby government to get rid of taxes which hurt people’s ability to get necessary supplies.
  3. Educate everyone about period poverty, it’s hard to stop something people don’t know exists

Thank you everyone!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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