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Long Runs

Hello, Horatio here. I am here to tell you about my fear of long runs. Well, fear may not be the correct word, my anxiety for them.

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Before I go for a long run I spend the day before worried. I see the mileage and I start doubting. I say to myself “I can’t do that” or “I am going to fail this run”. I go into a run with a bad mind set and then the run gets harder and harder. Finishing seem’s even harder. It is something I am to get over, but it’s so hard. But I have some hints that can make it a little easier for all runners!

One: Split the milage up.
In you have to run 20 miles split it up into five sections of four miles that you have to run. Four miles is not long in comparison! Then at every four to five miles stop and take a quick water break too, hydration was key.

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Two: Find a mantra
This is something that you can say to yourself as you run. One that I use from a Christmas movie, “Put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking out the door” or an Elton John song “I’m still standing, yeah yeah yeah”.

Three: Count things as you go
As you are running and you need something to distract yourself with starting counting things that you see repeats of. 5 dogs as you run or you see three guys wearing awful yellow sweaters. Keeps your mind off of the run.

Four: Make Post Run Plans
Sometimes you need to have something to push yourself through the hard moments. Have a plan, dinner to go to or a hangout with friends or even a study group. Something! I always look forward to cuddling my son Berry after taking a shower and my post run snack. It’s the little things.

I understand the pre run stress and the major anxiety about it. These are the things I do but they are not perfect. If you have any ideas or different things that you may do to get through the harder times feel free to comment them below.


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