Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Language Lesson Nine

Hiya All! Today we will be learning about food! How to order it, what types there are, and chopsticks!

So first, let’s talk about types of food. You walk into a restaurant and you are given an intense menu. Your first thought is pick randomly, the language is super confusing! Stop, wait, and pull up this post.
A noodle is: 面 (mian)
Rice is: 饭 (Fan)
Beef is: 牛肉 (niuruo)
Pork is: 猪肉 (Zhuruo)
Vegetables are: 蔬菜 (Shucai)

With this basic knowledge I am willing to bet that a chunk of the menu makes a little more sense now! Which leads us on what to do next, order. To order food a waiter will come to you (if you don’t order using your phone) and asks you something you maybe don’t understand BUT in context get what he is saying, you can say, 我想点牛肉面 (Wǒ xiǎng diǎn niúròu miàn) or I would like to order beef noodles. The beef noodle part will change as you use it!

Finally, just for some fun, the word for Chopsticks are? Put your guess in the comments below! I will reveal the correct answer in the culture lesson this weekend!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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