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Injury When Training

Hello Everyone, I have some sad news. I have been injured during my training. This can happen to the best of us. I wish I could have been one of the people who didn’t get hurt but it did not happen. I have tendonitis in my left knee (hopefully) according to my doctor. I have been given a brace, some medication, and two weeks of bed rest. I want to say that this does not mean no marathon, this is just a little blip in the system.

In light of my injury I want to write about some tips to feel better physically and mentally.

Tip One: Know that it is okay to rest. It is okay to take the time to feel good again even if it takes time away from the race training. The race will be there once you are feeling better again. Take your time to feel better

Tip Two: If you are really feeling low about yourself, which can happen during an injury, write about it! This is a safe way to give yourself an outlet for how sad you feel about being out of the training for a little. It is fresh and creative.

Tip Three: Cross Training time. Depending on your injury and what your doctor says (IMPORTANT) do some cross training. Swim, bike, or do some upper body. That way you still feel like you are in the game but you are not hurting yourself more.

Tip Four: Don’t let your current schudule go down the drain. I know that even though I can’t run in the morning anymore I want to keep getting up then. It is my current life and it still will be by the end!

One last message. This is not the end. I do not know who is reading this and who, besides myself, is injured but this is a pause not an end. You will heal, you will get back on your feet, and you will cross the finish line.


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